Royal Trucking Optimizes Billing via Document Management Software and Workflow Automation

Founded in 1968, Royal Trucking Company serves the dry van, flatbed, and specialized transportation needs of its’ customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Because of the expeditious implementation of IT solutions, Royal continues to experience steady business growth, systems stability, and workflow optimization.

logo_royal_front_whitebkgrd.jpg“With the improvements provided by Synergize, our order-entry through invoice production workflow is paperless and processing time has been reduced to just a few minutes.”

- Kent Parkinson, Chief Information Officer at Royal Trucking


Business Challenges

In 2015, Royal Trucking was planning a major IT transformation to improve overall IT services for the company and support future business expansion. During systems analysis, it became apparent that Royal's legacy document management system could not provide the necessary functionality and integrations for the cloud-based services Royal was designing. In addition, Royal leadership recognized the value of streamlining the manual paper-based workflows, of the past 20 years, with system automation to reduce labor costs.

“The on-site IT systems owned by Royal had evolved over the years and, in many cases, operated as stand-alone components,” says Kent Parkinson, Chief Information Officer at Royal. “When the company was much smaller, the volume of order information was manageable using manual techniques. However, given the size of the company in 2015, and its expansion plans, the legacy systems and workflows could not sustain the company.”

Because of the massive amounts of paper Royal was physically handling, the time from load delivery to invoicing the customer had grown to ten days. Additionally, creation of some invoices were delayed by as much as 90 days because of missing proof of delivery documents. It was not uncommon for unbilled revenue to float between $500k and $750k at any given time. Because systems were not fully integrated, the overhead required to manage documents efficiently was becoming problematic.

Because of the legacy document management systems limitations, a major goal of the IT Transformation team became the selection and implementation of a new document management system. A key requirement for the replacement document management system was seamless integration with other core systems already in place such as; TMWSuite, TMT, MS Dynamics Great Plains, Microsoft Office 365, and TransTech Mobile.

Integrated Paperless Solution

Royal began their search for a replacement document management system in late 2015. After evaluating several vendor solutions, Royal chose Synergize. In early 2016, Royal transitioned from on-site services to hosted services using TMW Cloud Services. “The overall transition and go-live went very smoothly and the integration of the new Synergize solutionin the TMW Cloud went exceptionally well.” says Parkinson “I have worked on many sizable transitions over the past 30 years and I was impressed with the transition team from Microdea who worked very well with the other vendors on the project to assure a quality overall end-result.”

Today, once a load is input into TMWSuite, the supporting documents are seamlessly input into Synergize and linked to the order. When a user pulls up an order, all associated supporting documents are instantly available to examine, on their computer screen, via Synergize.

“Most of our orders are received via email and other electronic transmission methods. The integration between Synergize and our Microsoft Office 365 system allows our users to quickly and easily load documents into Synergize,” points out Parkinson “Now users rarely touch a piece of paper which has streamlined the order workflow significantly.”

On the billing side of the workflow, when a load is delivered, the driver scans the documents directly into Synergize via TransTech Mobile Plus on their smartphone. “From the time a driver starts scanning documents, to the time it is received in Synergize, the entire process takes less than five minutes.” says Parkinson. “At that point, generation of an electronic invoice can be accomplished in about one minute.”

 Fleet v2.png

In 2016 Royal increased the size of their fleet and expects continued growth in the future. (Used with permission.)


Since switching to Synergize, invoicing time has been reduced ten-fold, to less than one day, and unbilled revenue has decreased over ten-fold, to about $25k to $50k, at any given time. Delinquent delivery documentation is now very rare as Royal can track missing documents to a driver and then contact them to resolve the issue quickly. The end-to-end solution is highly integrated with cloud-based systems and entirely paperless which further reduces cost and increases efficiency. And, the increased capacity was achieved without adding headcount.

“With Synergize, we have achieved outstanding integrity of our order documentation which are now available 24/7/365 via secured internet from any location on the globe.” says Parkinson

What’s next for the Royal IT Team (winners of a TMW Innovator of the Year Award)?  They will continue the paperless and workflow automation initiative in other areas of the company including Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables. Collections, and OS&D.

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Royal Trucking has served the dry van, flatbed and specialized equipment needs of it’s customers for over four decades. (Used with permission.) 

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