How Payne Transportation Modernized Billing, Boosted Efficiency and Cut DSO

payne+logo_edited.jpgI don’t know if you’ve heard, but modernizing back-office processes is all the rage right now. What does that look like in practice and how can it deliver real return on investment? Microdea recently talked to Pauline Wiebe Peters, VP of Finance and Administration at Payne Transportation, to find out.

by Steele Roddick, Transportation Technology Writer

The Opportunity

At some point, every carrier needs to upgrade their systems and modernize the way their office runs.

In 2011, Payne Transportation took the first step by upgrading their old AS400 Transportation Management System to TruckMate.

In 2013, they took the next step by upgrading their imaging system to Synergize, transforming their billing process, making it paperless, automated and integrated with their other systems.

“Before Synergize manually emailing invoices was a tedious and inefficient process. Now we invoice via email and they all just go out on their own,” says Pauline.

The Expansion

More recently, Payne has expanded their use of automation to their Accounts Payable department. With multiple office locations across Canada and the United States, the old, paper-based approval process was slow and inefficient. They used to scan and send documents, print them out, sign them, and then scan and send them back.

Now that the Synergize Accounts Payable module has been implemented the “approval process is more streamlined and much more efficient. There’s less repetitive, transactional work.”

All invoices that need to be approved are stored in one central, digital place where they can be viewed and approved from anywhere. “I can work from anywhere and still retrieve all the data and review all the images.”

Internal controls and authorization limits ensure that the proper checks and balances are in place and allow for better visibility into operational spending.

The new electronic system has made “daily processes much more efficient.” And the whole process is now a lot more convenient for everyone involved. “We absolutely love it!”

The Results & The Future for Payne Transportation

One of the main reasons Payne went with Synergize is the deep integrations with TruckMate that lead to quicker validation and rendition billing capabilities.

The result has been a “10-day improvement in DSO since implementation,” says Pauline, “I don’t order envelopes very often. Rarely order paper. There’s been fairly significant savings.”

Plus, as the business has grown by 20% in recent years, Payne “hasn’t had to add to the labor force because of the efficiencies of using Synergize.” Two full-time staff now handle the invoicing for over 20,000 loads a year, with part-time staff pitching in during peak times.

Modernizing your back office is a job that’s never done and Payne Transportation plans to continue to look for ways to increase efficiency and upgrade their systems when the business case makes sense and the return on investment is quantifiable.

“The product works well, I like it, and appreciate the ongoing improvements,” concludes Pauline.

About Payne Transportation

Payne Transportation Ltd is a full load common carrier operating in all 10 provinces, 2 Territories, and 48 states plus Alaska with 170 trucks and 254 trailers. Offering customs bonded clearing services, Payne Transportation Ltd is a one stop door-to-door transportation company that will move your goods in an efficient and safe manner. Payne Transportation Ltd has an extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced staff to ensure you will receive superior service in all aspects of your transportation needs.

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