How Kriska Worked From Home Through Covid-19 Without Interruption


  • Due to the pandemic, Kriska needed a way to work from home without interruption
  • Luckily, they had recently replaced their legacy Transflo system with Synergize
  • Synergize integrates better with their TMS and other systems, allowing information to flow more freely and be accessed from anywhere
  • Processes are now completely paperless allowing staff to easily work remotely
  • Invoicing is now happening days sooner than before and carrier invoices are being processed more quickly
  • Kriska’s back office has seen a 25% increase in productivity and runs more efficiently than ever

The Company

Founded in 1978, Kriska Transportation is a Canadian carrier specializing in cross-border freight. With a fleet of over 350+ power units and 2,000 trailers, they’re an eight-time winner of the Shipper’s Choice Award and a Platinum Club Member of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. They adopt innovation early, drive continuous growth, and deliver efficient and reliable service across North America.

The Challenge

  • Covid-19 hit the trucking industry in hard, fast and unexpected ways.
  • All of a sudden, companies needed to figure out how to keep drivers and office staff safe, while continuing to deliver freight.
  • Demand for some goods surged, while demand for others fell off a cliff. There was no time to prepare and no time to waste.

The Solution

Luckily, two months before the coronavirus turned the industry upside down, Kriska had ripped out their old Transflo system and implemented Synergize instead.

Synergize integrated more seamlessly with their TMWSuite TMS and other systems, allowed them to automate more work, and fit better with their long-term company vision.

“Having Synergize in place has really helped with working from home. We can now index documents from anywhere, whereas before we had to print them out, send them to scan and index, and then jump back to the order days later. This way it’s instant,” says Shelley Donnelly, the Billing Supervisor at Kriska Transportation who oversees the processing of 200-300 invoices a day. She says the new system is more centralized and more paperless. “Everything flows better a lot better.”

Due to the pandemic, office staff had to work in two shifts, alternating days at the office and working from home for months on end.

Shelley says that Synergize really helped because it allowed everyone to “just keep working as if they’re there.” With a more paperless system in place, all documents are easily accessible from the office or at home. With workflow automation, everything stays organized and keeps moving regardless of where people are working from.

Compared to their old system, indexing is now easier and instant, and there’s no longer a need to print anything out, which saves time and allows invoices to go out the door a couple days sooner than they did before. “The faster we get invoices out, the faster we get paid.”

The Future

With Synergize, there’s also no longer a need to print out carrier invoices. Having a completely paperless process has meant that yet another office member was able to work from home without interruption, and is also saving time on processing. Shelly said that Microdea was “Great to work with. Fast at responding. Really helpful.”

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