Growth-oriented JBS Carriers saves big with document imaging, standardized indexing, consistency in processes

JBS Carriers is a multi-state over-the-road truckload carrier handling both refrigerated and non-refrigerated freight. With headquarters in Greeley, Colorado and regional operations in the Southeast, Midwest and Western states, they were challenged by delays in receiving documentation from drivers after delivery of each load.

Logo_JBStaglinelogo.jpg“Synergize automatically recognizes 80% of our bills of lading and much of our other documentation, so just having those shipping documents identified and knowing which is which is a big deal. Ask any one of our billers: it’s like night and day from where we were before to where we are now.”

- Kimberly Anderson, IT Analyst, JBS Carriers

Business Challenges

For JBS Carriers, it used to take four to five days to obtain documentation from drivers after a load was delivered. With freight being handled across six different divisions - including cattle, brokerage, short haul, long haul, regional, and dedicated – the firm had to rely on the drivers to scan their documents in a timely manner using TRANSFLO® at one of their six terminals. Bar coded trip sheets were needed by billers to ensure timely invoicing, but delays meant that invoices were slow to go out the door, and driver settlements were held up. 


JBS Carriers use the Synergize document management solutionwith dedicated scanners at their three largest terminals. Drivers scan the trip sheets into Synergize, then the documents are indexed to determine the type of trip which in turn triggers the handling process. For example, the procedure to invoice cattle loads is significantly different from the procedure for a broker load.

After scanning, each document is queued into a pre-determined folder, and is then automatically dispersed to the billers. Billers invoice the trip, examine the supporting documents, then direct the documentation to the payroll queue. JBS Carriers commits to a goal of settling with their drivers within 48 hours of delivery.

Using the OCR capability within Synergize speeds the identification of each document type and places the document into the correct queue: billing or payroll.


Using Synergize has saved JBS Carriers more than $63,000 over the last two years, through moving from TRANSFLO to Synergize scanning, plus a reduction in administrative headcount by 33%. Proof of delivery documentation is now in their hands in under 48 hours, and documents are handled in a consistent manner as opposed to the manual processes used previously.

Workflow is considerably streamlined with electronic indexing of the documents. Synergize automatically directs the correct document to the correct place for the correct process.  

Want to learn more about how document imaging can benefit your trucking business? Download our free whitepaper, Definitive Guide to Document Imaging & Scanning.


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