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The Canadian National Railway Company (CN) is a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company that employs over 24,000 railroaders in Canada and the United States, and has approximately 20,600 route-miles of track in North America, offering rail connections to 3 coasts. CN was looking for a software solution to help manage their non-freight invoicing process. More specifically, CN wanted to implement a solution that would immediately and automatically provide invoice recipients with all supporting documentation to help improve the customer experience and lessen the threat of potential disputes related to charges.

Carol Anderson, Development Officer for CN“Revenue Management and Chargeable Services employees really enjoy working with Synergize. It is fast, reliable and easy to learn. The windows GUI based retrieval screens practically have no learning curve."

Carol Anderson, Development Officer for CN's Revenue Management Department

Business Challenges

Shipments had grown materially over the past decade at CN, as had the paper related to invoicing and payments. As a result, challenges emerged:

  • CN’s revenue management and technical teams needed a web based document retrieval system to manage customer invoices within Chargeable Services.
  • CN needed to integrate Synergize into the CN mainframe and the DB2 infrastructure used for the eBill website

Microdea Solution

Coupled with CN’s eBill platform, Synergize created an integrated document retrieval system for Chargeable Service invoices. Customers had the option of quickly viewing invoices and related documentation for services such as demurrage and detention prior to selecting online payment options. Authorized customers could easily log on to the CN website to enter, review or track their shipments to destination.


  • Fewer customer inquiry calls
  • Effortless document retrieval options
  • No more manually faxing invoices to customers
  • No more waiting for overnight document prints 
  • Quicker payment processing

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