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Bill All Your Customers At The Same Time With Just One Click of a Button

You should be able to log into your TMS, see all the loads with completed paperwork, click a button, and have all your invoices (with all required documentation attached) get emailed out automatically. If your current process isn’t that easy, our Billing and Settlements workflow can help. 



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How Same-Day Billing is Possible


When you move from a paper-based, manual, stand-alone process to an automated, paperless and integrated solution, magic happens. Digital information moves faster. Fully-automated means fewer steps and removes bottlenecks like indexing. And TMS integrations enable end-to-end solutions. 



We focus on capturing and digitizing documents as early in the process as possible because digital documents move faster than pieces of paper.


From capturing and indexing to validating and processing, we automate as many of the manual steps in the process as possible. 


Integrations with leading Transportation Management Systems means automatic document check-in, easy viewability, and rendition billing capabilities. 



Better Billing Means Better Relationships


When you eliminate errors and back-billing, you minimize disputes with customers. When you pay drivers quickly and accurately, you minimize friction with drivers. And when you eliminate the tedious work from the process, your billing team is happier, too. 


Happier Customers

Staying organized helps minimize friction with customers over inaccurate invoices and missing documentation. The less back-and-forth the better.

Delighted Drivers

With our solution, you can email all your drivers their settlement sheets with the click of a button, allowing them to easily check that their pay is accurate. 

Satisfied Staff

Automating the tedious steps in the process makes life easy for your staff. It also empowers them to be more productive and more proactive. 

“When we increase the velocity of data, we increase the velocity of cash flow, so we’ve reduced our billing cycle time from 15 days to less than one day. We are right on schedule with Synergize implementations and measureable results. Organizationally, we are thrilled with it.”
Ken Wilkinson, CTO, Sunset Logistics, Inc.
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