Accounts Receivable Management Software - Bill the Same Day Drivers Deliver

The transportation and logistics industry is all about cash flow. The faster you bill, the faster you get paid. By automating your billing process with Synergize you can achieve same-day billing, slash days off your Days Sales Outstanding, and free up cash to reinvest in your business.


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Automates Billing End-to-End

Synergize automates much of the manual billing work, including indexing, creating invoice packages, and sending them out. This saves time, cuts costs, and allows companies to grow their load volume without hiring more staff to keep up.



Reduces Missing Documents and Unbilled Revenue

Synergize captures documents electronically, matches them with the correct load in your TMS, and organizes them for your billers, leading to fewer data entry errors, better visibility, and no more missing documents.


Eliminates Paper Costs and Inefficiencies

Synergize helps companies go paperless, saving money on both hard paper costs and on the process inefficiencies that paper creates. Software can validate information faster than someone looking at a piece of paper.



Makes Same-Day Billing Possible

Synergize allows companies to bill customers the same day they deliver. With a fully automated process, less labour is required, fewer billing errors occur, and cash flow improves dramatically. It’s a win-win-win.

“Synergize has certainly helped us scale the business. If we hadn’t started using Synergize we would have never been able to cope with all the paperwork or take on bigger and bigger clients.”

- Alan Slater, Controller, Bandstra Transportation Systems


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