Capture, verify, process – get it right, and the result is improved cash flow. Unlocking the hidden value in Accounts Receivable is an important goal for all transportation and logistics companies. Not only does automating the process save administrative time and effort, but it significantly reduces customer payment delays, minimizes the potential for human error, and dramatically improves cash conversion cycles.
Regardless of which transportation sector you operate in, monetizing your Accounts Receivable and shortening your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is of critical importance. Unpaid or late invoices aren’t simply pieces of paper – they represent actual cash that you could otherwise be reinvesting into other areas of your businesses.

What Synergize Does for You

Reduce Invoicing Costs and Tasks

Synergize allows you to reduce costs and tasks associated with producing and mailing of invoices by automating labor-intensive portions of the billing cycle.

Document management software automates the labor-intensive parts of your billing cycle
Document management software

Capture and Track Documents Electronically

Improve invoice processing efficiencies and reduce human errors. Documents arrive at the right billing desk, in the right format, at the right time.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Reduce costs and labor-intensive tasks associated with printing, folding, stuffing, stamping and mailing of invoices.


Improve Process Efficiency

Better access to proper billing documents results in faster time to bill, in many cases same day, with required supporting documentation.

“We’ve been recognized as having the best year-to-date DSO across all the trucking companies in the whole Mullen Group of companies. Synergize has helped reduce our DSO, a number we track daily.”

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