Within large and small transportation companies alike, the Accounts Payable department often represents one of the most compelling places for savings by using a content management system and AP automation. Synergize for Accounts Payable significantly improves your accounts payable process by allowing invoices to be approved before being entered into the Accounting System.

Synergize stores all documents and information related to a payables transaction in a secure repository within the document management system and routes invoice documents to the appropriate approvers via workflow.

What Synergize Does for You

Maximize Cash Flow

  • Better manage cash resources
  • Avoid late penalty fees
  • Negotiate early payment discounts with suppliers

Capture, Automatic Lookups and Matching

  • Invoice documents are captured via email, fax, or scan, then indexed and electronically stored in Synergize
  • If an invoice has a Purchase Order (PO) number, Synergize automatically performs a PO lookup in the appropriate database
  • When a PO number matches by “Amount”, it is attached to the invoice and routed through Synergize Workflow to an AP clerk for a final PO review

Reduce Correction Transactions in Accounting Systems

  • The approvers are prompted with four options; (Approve, Approve Amount Above Limit, Wrong Approver or Cost Center, Reject with Reason), to move the invoice to the next procedural step
  • The approval process is simplified as the invoice is essentially already approved prior to handling
  • Improve Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

Automatic Routing to Approvers

  • Automate tasks and improve employee productivity
  • Gain greater visibility of documents during the approval and payment process
Automatic Routing
Introducing Mobile Workflow for Accounts Payable

Approve invoices while on the go

Now you can view and approve invoices quickly and easily with the Mobile Workflow for AP mobile app. Whether you are at a coffee shop, on your way to a meeting or at the airport, you can view, comment on and approve invoices quickly and easily on your mobile devices. 

“Using Synergize will provide us with automation and efficiency gains so that the staff who currently manage these processes will become more productive. We’ll be able to continue growing the business without having to hire additional staff. Looking ahead, I anticipate increasing our investment into Synergize for Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, and expanding our partnership with Microdea.”

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