Microdea is a rapidly growing enterprise software company focused on the development, sale and support of document management and business process automation technology for the transportation industry.

Over the past 20 years, we have helped the fastest growing transportation companies preserve and manage their information, as well as streamline historically manual, labor-intensive, and paper-intensive business processes. 

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Our Mission & Vision

Microdea was founded in 1995 as a result of a simple observation: Businesses across industries were embracing technological progress to improve nearly every aspect of their operations, yet they continued to rely on inefficient, manual, and paper-intensive processes that in many cases were costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

This disconnect led father and son team Michael & Colin Ruskin to create the vision for Synergize, a document management system that would help companies capture, archive, access and process information & documents in an organized and streamlined way. Over the past two decades, Synergize has evolved into a sophisticated Enterprise Content Management platform that has helped hundreds of companies save time and money.

We believe in a world where information accessibility and process automation tools are viewed as being key components to corporate operational strategies. And while we’ll never stop striving towards this goal, we like to think that we’ve made some meaningful progress along the way.

Our History

We can trace our roots back to the mid-1990’s, where businesses of all sizes and across all industries were starting to embrace technology like never before. In areas ranging from customer service to sales to accounting, enterprises were starting to understand how investing in technology would help them achieve a seemingly endless number of objectives.

And yet, when it came to the foundational backbone of the business – that is, the storage and processing of essential information and documents – companies seemingly hadn’t evolved much from decades prior. Armed with this realization, we set out to change that, and before long we deployed Synergize within the environment of our first customer.

In case you're wondering: yes, that customer is still with us to this very day.

Our People

Our people lie at the heart of what we do. Every member of our team believes strongly in the need for companies to archive, manage, and preserve their business critical information in the most seamless possible way. Given the exponential growth of data and process complexity across departments and enterprises, we believe that this need is stronger than it has ever been.

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