Microdea is a document management and back-office automation software company that’s been proudly serving the transportation and logistics industry for over twenty years. Today, over 400 companies use Synergize to manage documents, automate processes, lower costs, drive efficiency gains, and fuel growth.

The companies we work with typically achieve results like:

  • Same-day billing, faster cash flow, and lower Days Sales Outstanding (see the incredible results)
  • Easier access to information regardless of the physical location of employees
  • Significant cost savings through paperless systems and automated processes
  • Faster driver recruitment, onboarding and driver file management processes

Our People

Our people lie at the heart of what we do. They are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about finding solutions to our customers’ most pressing problems. They know that digital, automated, paperless systems are the future and are committed to bringing that future to life. In a world where technology continues to move faster and faster each day, our people take pride in helping transportation companies stay ahead of the curve.



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Our Mission and Values

Microdea was founded in 1995 as a result of a simple observation: businesses weren’t paperless, and all that paper was hurting profitability. Fast forward over twenty years, and to this day Microdea continues to help transportation and logistics companies go paperless at a profit.

Our mission is to help companies keep things rolling by automating as much of the boring work as we can. We believe in empowering people to get more done each day by providing them with software solutions that work.

Paper is slow, costly and inefficient. Paperless processes are fast, error-free and automatic. With better software, transportation and logistics companies get better results. We believe that, and we make it happen every day.

Awards and Recognition

Microdea is the highest rated document management and back-office automation software company in the industry.


Microdea ranked on the PROFIT 500, the definitive ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

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Microdea has been recognized as a Great Place to Work for the past three years.

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