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We provide transportation and logistics companies across North America the imaging system and process server they need to handle paperwork efficiently. The Synergize Suite speeds up billing and settlements, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, driver recruitment and compliance requests by transporting head offices to the automated, digital age.

DSO by

34 %

Cut Time-
to-Bill by

66 %

Increase document handling efficiency by

33 %

Reduce unbilled
revenue by

10 X
Learn how Synergize can streamline your process, cut your costs, and help your transportation business grow.

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Empower your people. Improve your process. Grow your profits.

By removing manual processes and automating repeat tasks, the Synergize Suite can improve the efficiency of almost every department in your head office, from cutting time-to-bill, speeding up AP approvals, recruiting drivers faster, indexing documents automatically and making compliance and safety requests quick and easy.
  • mobile-capture-icon

    Mobile Capture

    Instantly Snap and Send Trip Documents

    LoadPal is a mobile capture app that eliminates the waiting game. Drivers scan and send docs to the head office right from their phone. Billing happens almost instantly. Days get cut off your DSO. And you’re able to meet customer demands for signed PODs.

  • accounts-payable

    Accounts Payable

    Get AP Approvals at Lightning Speed

    Synergize AP digitizes, automates and streamlines your Accounts Payable process. This speeds up approvals, allowing you to avoid late penalties and take advantage of early pay discounts. Plus, it takes less time, energy and money to manage all the paperwork.

  • driver-recruitment

    Driver Suite

    Faster Recruitment. Better Retention.

    Synergize Driver Suite streamlines and automates your hiring, onboarding and driver file management process. This cuts days off the time it takes to recruit new drivers, leading to better relationships with drivers and higher retention. Plus it saves you time and money, too.

  • accounts-receivable

    Accounts Receivable

    Slash Days Off Your DSO

    Synergize AR streamlines and automates your Accounts Receivable process from end-to-end, allowing you to invoice customers fast. Days Sales Outstanding gets cut by days, giving you cash in hand to reinvest in your business or buy a boat. The choice is yours.

  • integration


    We Play Nice With Others

    From Transport Management Systems and Accounting Packages to ERP and Incab Units, Synergize integrates with almost every other system on the market. This allows you to automate more tasks, increase visibility and gain further efficiencies.

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Controlling Costs in the Transportation Business

Between driver shortages, high fuel costs, road congestion and ever-increasing regulations, transportation companies face real challenges to profitability. Download this whitepaper to learn the different ways that document management, workflow and process automation can improve you bottom line.
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“From the time a driver starts scanning documents, to the time it is received in Synergize, the entire process takes less than five minutes.”
Kent Parkinson, CIO, Royal Trucking
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“The processes got better. The systems got better. By having Synergize in place, our order-to-cash is significantly improved. We have reduced our billing time down to four days from as high as seven.”
Sue Peckford, Invoice Manager, Challenger Motor Freight
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We’ve been recognized as having the best year-to-date DSO across all the trucking companies in the whole Mullen Group of companies. Synergize has helped reduce our DSO, a number we track daily.”
Nellis Foesier, Manager, IT / Admin Support, Hi-Way 9 Express
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“Synergize took all the invoice tracking problems away from us. The invoice is scanned and we have 100% accessibility to the document from that point on. It’s a tremendous time saver and there is a significant convenience factor.”
Don Hemmelgarn, Controller, ODW Logistics
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“Synergize automatically recognizes 80% of our bills of lading and much of our other documentation, so just having those shipping documents identified and knowing which is which is a big deal. Ask any one of our billers: it’s like night and day from where we were before to where we are now.”
Kimberly Anderson, IT Analyst, JBS Carriers
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