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In-Cab Scanning

Synergize In-Cab ScanningSynergize OnRamp® In-Cab Scanning from Microdea represents an enormous change in how documents are transferred from driver to billing.

Instead of waiting for drivers to reach their home terminal, cabs are equipped with an easy to use scanning solution enabling the driver to scan POD and BOL documents and send them through the existing mobile communications system directly to your billing center for immediate processing.

In-Cab Scanning eliminates the need for expensive truckstop based scanning and courier services. No need to use faxed documents, which are typically of such poor image quality as to be unusable and delays billing.

The In-Cab Scanning process is extremely easy to use and virtually operator free. Synergize OnRamp® scans, encodes and submits the document images to the mobile communications system for transmission, sending them to the Synergize OnRamp® Decoder operating at your site, all without the truck having left the drop-off terminal.

The Synergize OnRamp® system encrypts scanned images, indexes information into data files, and automatically transmits those files through the mobile communications system (not included). Together with the integrated scanner, it is a self-contained unit requiring no configuration in the field and is wired directly into the 12V panel with a single supplied cable, or to the cigarette lighter with an optional adapter.

  • Scanner Type: ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) with 10-sheet capacity
  • Scanner Mode: Simplex (single-sided) Black and White
  • Optical Resolution: 200dpi
  • Scanning Speed: 4 pages per minute
  • Scanning Range: Business Card (2”x2”) to Letter (8.5”x11”)
  • Paper Weight (Thickness): 17 to 28lb.

For more information on Microdea’s In-Cab Scanning, contact us at 905.881.6071, ext 244 or

pdf In Cab Scanning Brochure



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