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Student Records

Microdea’s Synergize for Student Records enables higher education institutions to consolidate student information in secure, up-to-date, and complete student records.

Higher education institutions must manage an abundance of student forms, letters, and other documents to help ensure student satisfaction, retention and protection. Achieving these objectives is time-consuming and costly under paper-based systems as documents are difficult to locate and are vulnerable to corruption.

Synergize for Student Records digitally stores all student documentation in a secure, central repository enabling higher education institutions to have a comprehensive, up-to-date record for each student. Authorized institutional staff across all departments, are able to easily access student information to help serve student needs and ensure student satisfaction and retention.

Multiple levels of security guarantee the integrity of data and audit logs keep track of all user actions to ensure compliance with regulations such as FIPPA and FERPA. Workflow capabilities enable institutions to automatically route student information to the appropriate personnel which helps streamline the processing of student requests and queries. Synergize for Student Records consolidates and secures all student information, directly improving student satisfaction and retention, and supporting compliance with regulatory requirements.

Synergize for Student Records provides:

  • Authorized institutional staff with easy access to complete student records anywhere, anytime
  • Improved security and privacy of student information
  • Compliance with FIPPA, FERPA, and other regulations
  • Workflow capabilities to automate and streamline registration, admission, and other student-focused processes
  • Improved quality of student services
  • Enhanced student satisfaction and retention
  • Improved sharing of information across all departments
  • Reduced costs associated with labour-intensive tasks such as filing, photocopying, and mailing

Contact Us

To learn more about how Synergize for Student Records can consolidate all student information into complete student records, contact us at 905.881.6071 ext 244 or marketing@microdea.com


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