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Document Management Solutions for Higher Education

Time to improve the way that you organize, access, and share content across your institution.

We have incredibly deep experience tailoring document management solutions for the higher education industry

With each passing year, it seems as if institutions across the higher education industry are being forced to manage ever-increasing levels of documentation. Be it via the admissions department, the financial aid office or within student and alumni records, colleges, universities, and vocational training facilities are finding it hard to keep up. In addition to properly managing their informational infrastructure, they’re also looking for ways to increase communication and collaboration between schools and faculties, and ensure that any new IT platform is able to seamlessly integrate with their existing Student Information System (SIS). Owing to our experience within education technology, we understand the nature of the growing demands on institutions related to information and document management.

Synergize in the Field


One of the most common areas in which educational institutions have been leveraging Synergize is within their admissions departments. Administrators leverage our document management capabilities to maintain, organize and store all applicant information in a single platform that provides admissions staff with instant information accessibility at any time and from any place.

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Student Records

Student Records departments are tasked with managing a multitude of different document types, stemming from a number of disparate sources, regarding hundreds of students across faculties and graduation years. It is in environments like these where Synergize is able to provide meaningful and measurable ROI in a very short period of time.

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Faculty Collaboration

The need to communicate and collaborate – whether it be across campuses, between faculties, or with other institutions entirely – is an increasingly important necessity for today’s progressive educational institutions. By providing a single platform from which any type of information can be stored, shared, retrieved, and worked on simultaneously, Synergize has helped institutions share data in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective fashion.

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