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Microdea and Gore Mutual: A Decade of Success

The Gore Mutual Insurance Company has been in operation since 1839 and is the oldest federally licensed property and casualty insurer in Canada. The company’s headquarters are in Cambridge, Ontario, with regional offices in Cambridge and Vancouver, B.C. Microdea first partnered with Gore Mutual to implement Synergize in March 2001.


“Being able to change and knowing when to do so is the key to a successful business. I am proud to say that one of the best changes Gore Mutual has made is implementing electronic document management and having Microdea as our partner."

Vicky Cole, Document Services Manager at Gore Mutual

Business Challenges

Gore Mutual’s business had been growing rapidly since 2000, and along with that came growth in emails and faxes as two of the primary sources of incoming mail. This influx of digital information meant that Gore Mutual needed to:

  • Better manage digital documents arriving from a number of different sources
  • Implement an electronic document system to store, retrieve, and route documents to the appropriate personnel
  • Streamline all necessary processing to achieve maximum efficiency

Microdea Solution

With instant access to real-time electronic information, Gore Mutual was able to provide its broker partners with a key differentiator, the GoBroker portal. Through the portal, brokers had the ability to retrieve client documents within seconds. This allowed brokers to email required documents directly to their clients and it negated the need for company employees to spend time retrieving, faxing, photocopying or mailing documents. 

Synergize has improved business processes in the Claims and Underwriting departments as well, resulting in faster and more consistent document processing. Claims examiners, with shared real-time access to client information, were given the tools to quickly and knowledgeably respond to client inquiries. Routing of documents to the appropriate person would take a few hours or up to a day and now they are routed within seconds.

Also, the need for filing space was dramatically decreased, as paper was replaced by digital information, which is securely stored within Synergize. Large reductions have also been achieved for  labor, courier and postage costs.


Over the past decade, Gore Mutual and Microdea have progressed and grown in tandem. The Synergize solution has evolved alongside Gore's business needs, providing Gore with the flexibility and scalability required in a growing and highly dynamic environment. 

Since implementing Synergize, Gore Mutual has been steadily progressing towards a completely paperless office. “We are completely paperless in our Underwriting and Claims functions today and continue to implement paperless workflows wherever feasible”, states Vicky Cole, Manager of Document Services.