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Document Management Software for Transportation & Logistics Companies

Streamline paper-intensive day-to-day activities with a solution that will increase productivity and save money for your transportation business

Managing your transportation documents has never been easier

Synergize document management software has helped hundreds of transportation and logistics companies manage their critical documents and information. Our automation platform addresses top industry concerns including improving cash flow, recruiting new drivers, managing carriers, adhering to compliance regulations for HR & Safety documentation, and making sure that freight documents are at your fingertips when customers call with questions.

Synergize streamlines and automates paper-intensive business processes promising faster and more informed decisions. Let Synergize lead the way.

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Document Management Software Customer Success Story from CCXChange
“There's no longer any doubt: in today's business world, if you want to improve your business results, you need to have access and visibility to data for performance, capacity, lower rates and improved connectivity. Synergize gives us this access and visibility.”
- John Jelaco, Managing Director, CCXChange

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Document Management Software Overview

Applications by Sector

Carriers & Private Fleets

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Brokers & 3PLs

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Back Office

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Document Management Software Customer Success Story from Royal Trucking Company
“Synergize is a key component to our success in the future so we needed to go with a first class winner. That’s why we chose Microdea. We were impressed with the scalability of the product, the ease of use, and the fact that it integrated seamlessly with the cloud. Solid integration with TMW and mainstream software such as Microsoft® Office 365™ will make it easier for us to change some of our entrenched processes.”
- Kent Parkinson, CIO, Royal Trucking

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